• You are a busy parent and you want the best for your toddler

    Between 7:30am and 7pm your child will be...

    Educated in mathematics, English, and Russian

    Entertained with music, dance, arts and crafts, cooking, and karate lessons

    Fed organic and home-cooked meals

  • What We Do

    Building Brilliance is a family daycare in Lynbrook, catering to the busy parents of Long Island

    We believe...

    Our children deserve better

    So we provide...

    Pristine cleanliness

    Immersive activities

    Great food

    Secure premises

    Things to consider...


    We take toddlers from the age of two.

    Reserve a spot for your newborn or infant in advance.
    If you are moving to the area:
    Moving is hard! We've been there and we feel for you. Come see us before you move.
  • Contact Us

    1 Leach St Lynbrook NY 11563
    Mon-Fri 7:30am - 7pm
    (516) 544-0010